Sharing Memories

Wendy Riley and Helen Solomons of Lost Christchurch, pictured beside the Avon by the Antigua Boatsheds

In response to the loss of our inner city of Christchurch, we were inspired to create this website, Lost Christchurch, as a freely accessible archive of photographs, social history and memories of Christchurch.

Its aim is not for commercial gain but a place which permits us to reluctantly bid farewell to the Christchurch that once was.  It gives us the opportunity to grieve for and treasure the lost Victorian and Edwardian elegance, charm and irreplaceable ambiance which permeated every street.

This site is a place which we openly encourage you to contribute fitting memories and photographs of what has been lost.  You may have stories and photographs from your family histories which are within the context of historical Christchurch.  You may have photographs of the old buildings or important events which took place.

Through a blend of photographs, mementos and social commentary, we hope the site will become an ever increasing ‘vault’ of memories and a poignant celebration of what was old Christchurch.

This is a great opportunity to keep your photographs, stories and memories of Christchurch accessible and available for everyone to share and enjoy!

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  1. B Edmonds says:

    Many years ago my late husband worked for Bonnington`s. He was making Ointment with a Cigarette in his mouth when the
    ash fell of and into the mix. He had to remake it all again.
    The Irish Moss Cough Mixture was also popular as our Headmaster in Temuka aslly liked it because it had Alcohol i in it.
    Also in the WednedayPaper was an article on Lionel Terry. When I worked at Sunnyside a few years ago we were shown the
    room he was in. Apparently he said” Beware the Yellow Peril”. I have books on Sunnyside.


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