The First Car Comes to Christchurch

16 Miles an Hour Guaranteed Speed

Unique Exhibit – At Show Next Thursday, First Car to Run in Christchurch
Ellesmere Guardian, Volume LIII, Issue 84, 18 October 1932, Page 8

Of interest to everyone, a unique exhibit will be shown this week at the Ellesmere Show on the Leeston Motor Company’s stand. It is the actual car that was first to run on Christchurch streets, and the first in New Zealand.

Most of the rising generation have no idea what the early cars were like, and they will now have the opportunity of seeing the first motor car to be driven round Christchurch. The driver was Mr N. Oates, of the firm of Oates, Lowry and Co., who had premises in Manchester street. This car was purchased by Mr Oates at the Paris Exposition and the price was £250. The car did 1000 miles in England before it came to Canterbury in 1899. It is a single cylinder vehicle with solid tyres and a guaranteed speed of 16 miles an hour and 17 with a favourable wind. No gear box is fitted, the power being transmitted by belts and chains.

At the time the car first appeared there was a by-law compelling traction engines and like contraptions to stop when meeting fractious horses and to carry a red flag in front when travelling! [13]

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